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We aim to care for people and place through programs and initiatives that seek to address specific community needs around social isolation, supporting families, food security, activating local leadership, health and well-being.

  • Relational: Through friendship we seek wholeness and transformation with priority for places and people in need.

  • Participatory: Invite and resource neighbours to make a meaningful contribution and finding belonging.

  • Organic: Taking the time to cultivate initiatives in the community from the ground up.

  • Transformative: Whole of person and whole of neighbourhood approach to social change for all.

  • Strengths based: Starting with what is good and already flourishing in the neighbourhood.

  • Neighbourhood based: Living and working in and for the neighbourhood in which we are based and is our home.

  • Generative: Facilitating local resourcefulness through the seeding of community-owned and led initiatives that aim to regenerate community and place.

  • Soulful approach: Developing connections between spirituality and community work.

  • Hospitality: Spaces for engagement, relationship and nourishing.

  • Culturally intelligent: We acknowledge the importance of a community’s culture, from Australia’s First People, to her latest arrivals.

A holistic neighbourhood approach. Multigenerational, diverse, whole-of-person and whole-of-neighbourhood.

The work is highly relational, participatory, organic, strengths based and transformative, centred around love of people and love of place.